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Our Mission - “May all be happy, May all be free from illness, May all see what is auspicious, May no one suffers”

Sunrise Remedies is dedicated to providing customers with lasting wellness and healing. We offer a variety of natural ayurvedic formulas combined with modern medicine for both short and long-term relief. We also allow customers to heal the root cause of their problems for permanent solutions using our organic and natural medicines in India.

We are an authentic manufacturer and supplier of organic and natural ayurvedic medicines. We are committed to enriching our customer’s lives with the finest in ayurvedic products.


Research and Development – When high-tech labs team up with experts, only the best solutions will be discovered.

Ayurveda With Modern Medicine – Combining herbal remedies with modern medicine is a testament to the enduring value of traditional medicine.

Fast Healing Power – We combine the best of both worlds — ancient remedies with modern-day healing powers. This means instant, safe, and effective results.