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Sunrise Amla Churna is great for boosting immunity and helps to fight off infections. It has been beneficial for the skin, hair and overall health Problem. Sunrise Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and is filled with antioxidants. Amla is known to be beneficially in controlling diabetes, Blood Disorders and help manage blood sugar levels and it has immunity-boosting properties. Amla beneficially by improving the nervous system, memory and brain health. Amla increases the no of times you urinate frequently thus eliminating the unwanted toxins.

Sunrise Amla Churna is also used for treating skin Problem. It is also used To Malaria, typhoid, Hemorrhagic and various fevers.

Amla Powder or  Churna brings back your stomach disorders on track to helping you run your digestive system run smooth.

Sunrise Amla Churna is the purest form of Vitamin C and it enriches you from within by making the blood vessels stronger and thicker. It also improves your immunity booster so that you can fight infections easily. Reduces the risk of heart disease by regulating the build-up of bad cholesterol.

Popular Ingredients

Amla Churna is enriched with herbal goodness. The key content of this dietary supplement is the Indian Gooseberry. Let us checkout what makes this fruit so special in Ayurveda.

How To Use

How does It work?

Take 3-6 g (1-2 teaspoons) with water or as directed by the physician.