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Sunrise Baheda Churna Provides immediate relief from long-lingering Cough and Cold and throat ache. It is an ayurvedic Formulation made from the dried fruits of the baheda tree. It is Helping to get relief from various respiratory problems.

Baheda churna is very effective in the Cure of insomnia and depression as well. It also helps in keeping the brain active for longer duration by enhancing the supply and absorptions of oxygen by the neurons.

Baheda is a natural source of vitamins which cures your cold infections and strengthens vision.

Baheda Powder is made from the extracts of Pure baheda which has Multifarious Benefit. It Help Bronchitis, Vocal Cold, Laxative, Cough and Cold. It also using stomach ailments and improves vision. Baheda is a natural source of vitamins which cures your Cough and Cold infections and strengthens vision.

Popular Ingredients

Sunrise Baheda Churna Contains baheda tree as an active ingredient.

How To Use

How does It work?

Take 1-2 g twice daily after meals or before meals with lukewarm water or honey or as directed by the physician.