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Coforex Chewable Tablet is an oral ayurvedic remedy medicinally proven to relieve cold, dry cough (and it’s associated symptoms) by quickly bringing out hard, dry sputum. Sunrise Coforex Chewable Tablet is one of the most efficient ayurvedic tablets on the market today.

Coforex Chewable Tablets are easy to consume. Medicinal herbs like tulsi and ginger soothe your sore throat after heavy coughing. The anti-allergic Tulasi enhances the immunity system of people with different allergies.

The herbalists at Sunrise remedies research to identify the right ingredients for every medicine processed in our GMP-certified plant. We are committed to enriching our customer’s wellness and health with the finest ayurvedic products.

Popular Ingredients

How To Use Coforex Chewable Tablet?

How Does It Work?

Regular intake of Coforex Chewable Tablet, a phenomenal concoction of 13 beneficial herbs, is an excellent way to strengthen our respiratory & bronchioles and preserve our bodies from a diverse range of throat-related issues, like sore throats, allergies, tonsils, coughs, etc.

This pill is an antihistamine mixed with a cough suppressant that stops the stimulation of histamine( a cell that activates symptoms of cold and allergies) in the body.

Benefits Of Coforex Chewable Tablet

Safety Measures


Excellent Product. After using it three times a day, I got relief from a strep throat infection which improved in three to four days.

The medicine has a good taste and is effective for treating sore throats, coughs, and colds. This Instantly relieves pain.

Within three to four days of ordering, I received it and started taking it immediately. The tablet relieves coughs and chest pains very well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please let your doctor know if you have a medication history before taking Coforex Chewable Tablet.

Coforex tablet is completely safe with no side effects. Diabetic patients can order our Coforex syrup -SF (sugar-free) for cough and cold relief.

Yes, Coforex Chewable Tablet from Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd definitely alleviates chronic cough inflammation.