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Coforex Syrup is the best ayurvedic treatment for dry cough, runny nose, sneezing, throat irritation, watery eyes, and other related symptoms. This effective and safe medicine made from tulsi, madh, Triphala, saunth, and other ayurvedic ingredients usually provides relief in a few minutes. Its effects last relatively long compared to allopathic medicines.

It reduces stress on the trickly throat due to flu, cold, irritants, or other forms of throat allergies. With very few or no side effects, consuming two or one tablespoon of Coforex for 2-3 days will help with instant relief.

Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. is a growing company with a GMP-certified plant that provide quality ayurvedic medicines for lasting wellness and healing.

Popular Ingredients

Vasaka- This herbal ingredient assists in subduing cough. It can help to improve lung functioning by reducing phlegm and thinning bronchial secretions.

Kantakari – This herb with expectorant properties is beneficial for cough due to allergic reactions.

Madhuyashti- It is an old-age remedial herb known to help with severe cough and bronchitis.

How To Use Coforex Syrup

How Does It Work?

Coforex Syrup contains natural antioxidants and immunity boosters like Triphala, Haldar, Piper, Holy basil, and more. This composition relieves cough by thinning and dissolving mucus in air passages.

It has a dilating effect on respiratory tract muscles for more shallow breathing.

Cough suppressant used in the syrup induces the part of the brain in charge of cough to act less frequently.

Contact your healthcare personnel if you notice extreme or allergic reactions.

Benefits Of Coforex Syrup

Safety Measures


I was searching for a product that can relieve this sore throat, and I’m happy with the outcome. Within a week, I was relieved of the soreness in my throat and experienced the benefits of ayurvedic medicines.

If you have been coughing unstoppably for three days like me, you can understand the discomfort. Try out this Coforex ayurvedic Syrup; it relieved me, and I slept well for a while.

I received it within 3-4 days after ordering and started taking it immediately. It is very effective for cough relief and chest pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Do not take doses higher than recommended; if not increased, you may be more prone to serious side effects, and the medication may become toxic.

Let your doctor know your medication history before using Coforex Cough Syrup. Alert the doctor of any medical conditions.

If you are diabetic, Coforex SF syrup should be consumed.

One of the side effects is dizziness when using any of the medicines. You can drive but do so carefully. If you can afford to stay off the wheels, then do so.