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Sunrise Harde Churna used in many ayurvedic Products and spices. This medicine mainly used for Laxative, dysuria, Malaria Faver, eyes and Diabetic. There are many ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies like Sunrise ayurvedic making and selling this worldwide.

Harde CHURNA by Sunrise is a single Products supplement that is one of the constituents of Triphala churna. Haritaki Churna can be taken for preventive, curative, and restorative purposes. It is antioxidant, laxative, rejuvenating and can be used in various ailments.

HARITAKI CHURNA is A effective remedy for Any digestion-related problems. It aids in digestion by increasing digestive enzymes, suppresses hyper acidity, improves absorption of nutrients, and prevents constipation and piles.

Popular Ingredients

All the natural remedies for constipation that are used in Haritaki churna (Terminalia Chebula)

How To Use

How does It work?

Take 1 teaspoon twice a day with lukewarm water after food or as directed by your physician.