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Sunrise Jambu Beej churna is an ayurvedic Products that is primarily used for the treatment of Diabetes Management. Secondary and off-label uses of Jambu Seed Powder have also been mentioned below. Jambu Beej churna For Diabetes Management

Jambu Beej churna as the active ingredient Used since ancient times for its nutrient rich properties. It supports weight loss & regulates blood sugar levels. It is a natural immunity enhancer and possesses antiaging, antidiarrheal and antiviral properties to promote a healthy way of living.

Jamun Beej Powder for sugar control from Sunrise Remedies is a natural product to maintain healthy blood sugar level. Jamun Powder for weight loss is also very effective as it contains alkaloids, betulic acid, calcium, carotene and folic acid. Benefits of Jamun Seed Supplement for Diabetes Management are well known and it is becoming very popular due to its natural and powerful effects.

Popular Ingredients

A powerful remedy for those living with diabetes, Jamun or Jambu is a part of most Ayurvedic cures when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels.

How To Use

How does It work?

Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or Under specific medical conditions consult an Ayurveda practitioner.