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Shop the best ayurvedic pain reliever creams providing relief from inflammation and discomfort.

Jesibi Cream is a research-based product formulated, developed, and manufactured by Sunrise Remedies, to alleviate joint pain, neck pain, hip backache, sprain, frozen shoulder, legs, and sore muscles. Made from Asthisahari( Hadjod), a rare ayurvedic plant, this topical cream is available in 30gm, 50gm, 100 gm tubes, and 60 ml, 100 ml oil.
Many of our customers have raved about the quick pain relief that Jesibi Cream provides.

Popular Ingredients

Jesibi cream comprises Ayurvedic herbs and organic ingredients, including the following:
Other pain-relieving ingredients are menthol, camphor, and cream base.

How To Use

How does It work?

Pain medications are rubbed into the skin to ease pain in the muscles, joints, or nerves. Once the Jesibi Cream has been absorbed into the skin, it begins to function on the tissue underneath the surface layer. It alleviates agony by reducing inflammation and numbing the affected area.


Many individuals who used Jesibi Cream got relief from acute pain when they used it. A few of them also noticed reduced nerve pain, headache, etc.

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Safety Measures


Jesibi Cream, an ayurvedic product from Sunrise Remedies, this pain relief cream is appropriate for an elderly family or someone engaged in strenuous physical activity. Buy Jesibi Cream and experience relief when you have pain.

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