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Jesibi Ayurvedic pain relieving oil the best Ayurvedic oil for joint pain and other discomforts of joints.

Joint pain is a common issue that can affect any People. Alongside pain in joints, people also complain about stiffness and poor mobility of joints. With the efficacy of herbs, Jesibi Ayurvedic pain relieving oil works naturally to relieve joint issues.

Jesibi oil absorbs easily into the skin and acts efficaciously to relieve pain and give comfort to stiffed joints. Packed with the goodness of nature’s ultimate ingredients Jesibi Ayurvedic oil for joint pain relief has become a must-have essential in many Indian households.

Popular Ingredients

Jesibi Ayurvedic oil comprises Ayurvedic herbs and organic ingredients, including the following:

Other pain-relieving ingredients are menthol, camphor, and cream base.


How does It work?

Pour approximately 2 Ml To 5 Ml of Jesibi Oil and gently massage over the affected body parts such as the muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints and back etc. Do not apply the pain relief oil directly over any wounds or cuts. Use the product at least twice a day or as directed by a physician.


Many individuals who used Jesibi Oil got relief from acute pain when they used it. A few of them also noticed reduced nerve pain, headache, etc.

Benefits Of Jesibi Oil

Safety Measures


Jesibi Oil an ayurvedic product from Sunrise Remedies, this pain relief cream is appropriate for an elderly family or someone engaged in strenuous physical activity. Buy Jesibi Oil and experience relief when you have pain.

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