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Jesibi Ayurvedic Tablets are made with the blend of miraculous herbs and are greatly beneficial in providing relief from joint discomforts naturally.

Jesibi Tablets are helpful in relieving the painful condition of joints and muscles like Stiffness, inflammation, and pain with the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of efficient herbs.

It’s an Ayurvedic Medicine Useful in chikungunya.  Jesibi Tablet is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Popular Ingredients

Jesibi Tablets Comprises Ayurvedic herbs and organic ingredients, including the following:

Other pain-relieving ingredients are menthol, camphor, and cream base.

How To Use

How does It work?

1 to 2 tablets thrice daily, or as prescribed by your doctor physician.


Many customers have used Jesibi and are satisfied with the positive outcomes. They noticed improved vitality and boosted immune systems. It also helps prevent Chikungunya Joint Pain.

Benefits Of Jesibi Tablets

Safety Measures


A new ayurvedic equation Jesibi from Sunrise Remedies, has shown positive and effective results in preventing and treating almost every kind of viral infection.

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