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Leucosun syrup is an eminent ayurvedic medicine to treat leucorrhoea in females.  It also cures thick, offensive yellow, profuse with disturbed menstrual periods. This syrup helps with hormonal imbalances, cervix, and vaginal inflammation. Besides the feelings of depression and weakness, the vulvae’s intense itching is also relieved. Regular usage ensures good  vaginal health for every female.

Sunrise Remedies is a well-respected brand that specialises in creating ayurvedic medicines. We are committed to using natural and organic treatments to support customers’ health. Our goal is to address the underlying causes of health problems through our products. All products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility.

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How To Use Leucosun Syrup?

How Does It Work?

It is advised to consume about 10 ml of Leucosun syrup about three to four times daily.

Benefits Of Leucosun syrup

Safety Measures


“I found the syrup useful for vaginal health.”

Mohini from Udaipur mentioned, “I got relieved from discharge and itching after continuously consuming Leucosun syrup.”

“I could notice my daughter getting relieved from many problems of her menstrual periods. She also got rid of weakness and backache after using Leucosun Syrup regularly.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Leucosun syrup helps treat all discharge forms, itching, and irritability.

It is advised to consume 10ml of Leucosun syrup at least three to four times daily.

Since it is an ayurvedic remedy, Leucosun syrup does not give any harmful consequences.