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Sunrise Rasayan Churan is a unique combination of 3 very patent herbs that fulfils the name of preparation by inducing rejuvenation and Strength Immunity. It balances all 3 dosha hence maintains health environment in body. Its diuretic property lowers risk factors of cardiac and urinary ailments.

Rasayan Churan is an ayurvedic churna containing Galo Guduchi, Amla, and Gokshur that can help promote Improve Strength and Immunity. It may also help in rejuvenating and has anti-ageing properties.

Sunrise Rasayan Powder is highly recommended in Ayurveda for its ability to increase the resistance of the body to common ailments.It is considered to help maintain the health of genito-urinary tract.

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How To Use

How does It work?

Take 2-4gm with honey twice a day. as advised by physician.