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Ayurvedic Formulation To Treat Constipation- Buy Jp Lax Tablet

Embrace dosha (energy) balances, boosts body metabolism, and smooth bowel motions, reduces bloating due to acidity.


Sunrise Shilarise Gold Capsule is needed to improve resilience and maintain robust health Tonic. Brings about balanced and harmonious health. It acts as a restorative tonic, helps in recovery of wear and tear of body tissues, helps to improve strength and stamina.

Sunrise Shilarise Gold Capsule is an ayurvedic supplement that contains a unique mix of herbs such as Shilajit, Suvarna Bhasma, Ashwagandha, Kesar, Piper, Gokharu and Jethimadh. It also contains metals such as gold which is known to aid in good health.

Overall, Shilarise Gold Capsules acts as a natural premium restorative health tonic that boosts your overall well-being. Shilajit is known to boost power, gold is required for stamina, Kesar is known to improve strength, Ashwagandha boosts Vigor and Vitality energy and Safed It also helps in the recovery of the body post-illness, by aiding in the wear and tear of body tissues. It is also known to increase sax drive and vitality in men.

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The recommended dosage of Sunrise Shilarise Gold Capsule for adults is one capsule twice a day preferably with milk or as directed by the physician.

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