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Ayurvedic Formulation To Treat Constipation- Buy Jp Lax Tablet

Embrace dosha (energy) balances, boosts body metabolism, and smooth bowel motions, reduces bloating due to acidity.


Sunrise Tifala Tablet is an Ayurvedic Products that is primarily used for the treatment of Constipation. The key Ingredients of Tifala Tablets Are Harada, Baheda, and Amala. The properties of which have been shared below.

Extremely popular Ayurvedic herbal Formulation Triphala is an effective gut cleanser. It combines the goodness of Indian Gooseberry, Belleric Myrobalan, and Chebulic Myrobalan, which come together to ensure effective bowel movements.

Sunrise Tifala is an ayurvedic formula for complete Laxative Products. It is made with Triphala, a potent ayurveda ingredient that relieves problems like Constipation and Gas Removal etc. Now improve you digestive and bowel functioning well with a herbal solutions.

Sunrise Tifala
Sunrise Tifala Plus

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How To Use Sunrise Tifala / Tifala PLUS

How does It work?

Take 1-2 tablets twice or thrice daily after food or as directed by the physician.

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